Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dreaming In Black & White

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I usually don't remember my dreams in the morning. However this morning, I vividly remember what I had just dreamed about.

It was a very short dream. It was a very disturbing dream. It was about Nazis taking the Jews out of their homes and "rounding them up".  It was in black & white.

I saw the people in their overcoats, hats and scarves, clutching their suitcases and a few meager possessions. I saw the soldiers in their greatcoats and jackboots, clutching their MG-42 machine guns and driving the people like cattle.

What I remember the most in my dream was a large suitcase that seemingly moved up the street by itself. As it got closer, I saw a small boy crawling on his hands and knees, pushing the heavy suitcase. He was crying. He was in black & white.

And then I woke up. It was still dark in my bedroom. It was still dark outside. Everything was still in dramatic black & white.

So as I write this I wonder why my dream was in vivid black & white. Did my mind feel it necessary to create a Schindler's List atmosphere because of the nature of the dream? Was I simply being historic, and using the pictorial "tools" of the era?

(I will not try to spiritualize this dream, just to share it for what its worth.)

In whatever color you dream, I encourage you to keep dreaming. I encourage you to dream big. I encourage you to let your imagination find new ideas, and new ways of expressing old ideas.

Even if you dream in black & white.

Question: How do you dream (while sleeping and while awake)? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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Unknown said...

WOW, that is interesting Brad. Your blog made me think about my dreams. I have had both dreams in color and in black and white. Interesting part is that last 2 dreams in black and white were distrubing. My colorful dreams are usually very cheerful. Funny. Now when I dream about the future I try hard to dream big because I have a very big God.

Thanks for the reminder to continue to dream


Brad Lewis said...

Hmmmm... I wonder if there is a pattern here: disturbing dreams in black & white. Cheerful dreams in color.

Keep dreaming!

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