Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Creativity Inspires Creativity

I love being around creatives. I enjoy hearing ideas, listening to dreams, seeing the passion that accompanies creativity.

But for selfish reasons too, I love being around creatives, because creativity inspires creativity. I always leave a creative conversation with renewed vision and a dozen new ideas churning in my mind.

I remember attending my first youth ministry conference as a wide-eyed 20-year old. There I was, listening to my heroes (Barry St. Clair, Bill Jones, Ralph Neighbor) taking notes as fast as I could, cherishing every nugget of "wisdom" that was being thrown my way as I sat on the front row (yes, I actually sat on the front row for every session).

Now when I attend conferences, although I diligently listen and take notes, I also allow my mind to run with thoughts and ideas, allowing creative impressions to take shape. Two pages of notes are opened in front of me: one for what the speaker is saying, and one for the creative ideas that come to me as I listen and think. (I actually have written songs while listening to others teach.)

If you are a creative (and I believe that everyone is, because we are all made in the image of the great Creator), hang out with other creatives. Share ideas, listen to impressions and thoughts, receive inspiration.

A good friend and fellow creative is also an aspiring author. (He's not ready to go public yet, but when he does I will post it on this Blog.) He recently asked me to read the first few chapters of his first novel, to give my opinion. I read, and it is great!

Why did he ask me to read? Because according to him, I have "served as a creative inspiration to me on many levels."

So I guess creativity does inspire creativity.

Question: How are you inspired to be creative when talking to, reading, or listening to others? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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Unknown said...

I totally agree, beging around other creative people or even reading other blogs can really help get creative ideas going. I also carry a book around with me for when I get a creative idea. By the way Brad your blogs have given me a few writing ideas and for that thnak you.


Ronald Stoffell said...

Hey Brad, Love the blog. I recently was listen to John Maxwell and this what he said about being creative. He said no one person can come up with the best creative idea by themselves. Usually, when he find a lone ranger creator, he reminds them that the Lone Ranger had Tonto around to help and save him. John said when you take a good idea and bounce it off of others then not only will the idea become better, but the creative juices end up multiply may more creative ideas. If fact John Maxwell has a great book called "Thinking For A Change." Brad, you are one of the most creative people I know. Anyone who wants to be more creative just needs to hang out with you and they will see creativity in action. Keep the great blogs coming. Big Ron

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Ron & Tracy. Ron, your use of the word 'multiply' says it all. Ideas don't get added to, but rather ideas multiply when two or more creative minds come together.

Thank you both for the complements. I am glad that a bit of my creativity has inspired some in you.

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