Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ABCs For Sharing Your Dreams

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Are you keeping your dreams to yourself? Are you holding back from "going public" with your innermost hopes because of fear? Are you even dreaming at all?

Although our dreams may be personal, I believe they are meant to be shared. Even if it is only with our closest friend, we should divulge our deepest aspirations. Why? Here are three good reasons:
  • Accountability - Sharing your dreams with someone will help you stay on track to accomplish your goals. They can give you periodic "check-ups" to motivate you to keep moving forward.
  • Bump - Sometimes we need a little push, a nudge, or a bump to get us going. Fear can paralyze us. Lack of motivation can keep us from taking the first step. When we share our dreams, a needed push is readily available.
  • Contribution - Sharing your dreams with someone will allow them to offer another perspective on what you are seeing. This can be valuable as you see your dreams through their eyes and their vantage point.
I am grateful for my wife, who is my best friend and trusted dream sharer. She gives me a fresh perspective on my hopes, she keeps me motivated to press on, and when needed, she gives me the needed bump to propel me forward.

Find someone to share your dreams with. Allow them to be a part of that secret place deep within your soul where your dreams live.

Question: Who do you share your dreams with? How is that beneficial to you? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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Unknown said...

Brad, thanks, needed to hear this today. Funny how I am not even in the same city, or church and you are still teaching and mentoring from afar. LOL. Like you I am so thankful for my husband, I can share my hearts desire and he encourages me to go after them. I also like to get feedback from others, that is one way we learn and grow. The key is finding the right person who cares enough to want to see you grow and your desires come to pass.


Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Tracy. It is great to receive your encouragement.

Keep dreaming, and keep sharing your dreams!

Unknown said...

This is so true.Thanks for sharing pastor Brad.I share my dreams and thoughts with my husband .He is my buffer.He encourages me.
Thanks for sharing once again.

Brad Lewis said...

Good for you Toro. It's great to have a loving encourager.

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