Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Thinking Inside The Box

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We have all heard the statement Think Outside the Box. I would like to challenge us to take a moment and think inside the box. That's right, open the lid and take a look at what you have before you decide what you need.

Sometimes we quickly dismiss the resources that we have available to us inside the box as being insufficient, outdated, and irrelevant. If we only had the newest gadget, the updated software, more money.

Maybe we could make what we have available work for us. Even if the box is empty, it becomes space to fill with our imagination.

Most parents have experienced the phenomenon of their young children losing interest in the gift they received, and playing with the box that it came in. Children have a unique ability to use their imagination, and are very comfortable using what they have.

We creatives (which includes everybody - we were made in the image of the Creator, and therefore we are all creative) automatically look beyond what's there, and visualize what could be. There is nothing wrong with that. Perhaps we could open the box, look inside, and take inventory of what resources are available to us.

Those resources may include "stuff", finances, and people. Be creative and innovative, and leverage those available resources.

Look inside your box. What do you have to work with? If it is empty, how can you use the box?

Question: How have you thought inside the box in creativity or problem solving? Please respond below.

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Tracy said...

Brad, WOW this is awesome. I hear people all the time wanting, desiring the newest. I feel that sometimes we may want to disreguard the box that God has given us before He is finished with us using that box. It is at that point when our creativity comes into play to prepare us for the next box. What do think?

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Tracy. Great point. I believe that creativity is at its best when resources are at their minimum.

Bungz said...

This post reminded me of a cartoon i saw long ago!

Brad Lewis said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing Bungi!

Unknown said...

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Covnitkepr1 said...

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