Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Designing A Better Toilet

I had a "Facebook posting" conversation with a former student of mine (when I was a youth pastor - a lot of years ago). My former-student-turned-friend, Alex Haupt, was responding to this FB post of mine: Are you leveraging your resources? Blog re-post : (Did I just advertise my Blog in my Blog?)

After reading my a fore mentioned Blog re-post, Alex responded with: Good Reminder. I have been thinking about how to pitch a ministry idea to our staff. I plan bounce it off a couple people first. What is it with churches spending stupid money on the latest and greatest "whatevers"? I think in the end we ultimately end up only impressing ourselves.

Desiring to keep the conversation going, I returned with: Good point Alex. We do need to look at what we have available, and use existing resources. But don't completely rule out new "stuff and ideas". Where would we be without the printing press?

Alex's response: Or the toilet? God bless the family of Thomas Crapper.

Well our conversation, though starting off productive, kind of went down the um, er, uh...toilet. But the point was made: Use what you have, and if you have to, create what you need.

Alex's comment that we "ultimately end up only impressing ourselves" hung in my spirit for a long time. Sometimes I wonder why we create. Is is to impress others? To impress ourselves? Or do we create because we can't help it?

I have to ask myself this question often, because once I take my eyes off the reason I was created, then when I do create, I am missing my purpose and my destiny.

Question: Why do you create? Please respond below.

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Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Joven! Following you now. Thanks for following!


ROC REV said...

What a great question. I write a sermon every week because it is my calling and my job. I write songs when I am inspired. I write blogs when I need to vent or feel like I need to put words to my thoughts. In each case, I typically have new insights come to me as I am creating. I guess my point is that when I create, whether it is because I have to or because I want to, the thing that I usually wind up with is a better me. So maybe the reason I create things is in order to re-create myself.

Brad Lewis said...

Incredible insight! I never considered re-create myself. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Keep creating!


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