Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding Answers For Impossible Situations

There's a story in the Bible about four lepers who were in a bad situation, but through a little creativity and boldness, they were able to improve their circumstances beyond their wildest dreams.

The city where they lived was under siege by their enemies, and a great famine ensued. All of the inhabitants of the city were affected, especially the lepers who pretty-much had to beg for everything they got. The four of them got to talking to each other one day, and they made the collective decision to leave the city, go to the camp of the enemy, and beg for food from them (who had an abundance of food, drink, clothing, and other assorted "stuff").

Their reasoning was this: If they stayed inside the city, they were going to die. If they went to the enemy camp, they were going to die...but, maybe the enemies would show mercy and give them something to eat and drink.

Well an interesting thing happened. The Lord God made the enemies who were camping outside the city hear the sound of a great army of horses and chariots, and they thought it was the allies of the city residents coming to rescue them. They literally ran away and left everything behind, even stripping off extra clothing as they ran so they could run away even fraster.

The four lepers of our story found the abandoned campground and after checking out a few of the tents, found that they had stumbled upon a mega-powerball-sized jackpot. Food, drink, clothing, silver, and gold were all left behind by the scared enemies. The four lepers began to eat and drink all that they wanted, and then to gather the riches and stockpile them for themselves for later use.

There is more to this story, but for the purposes of this Blog post, allow me to state that looking outside of a seemingly impossible problem or situation may produce the solution or answers you are seeking. Add to that a little boldness to move beyond the familiar and comfortable, and you are setting the stage for a huge breakthrough.

Having some faith in the Lord God completes the package.

Question: What difficult or impossible situation are you facing that may need you to look outside for an answer, to look inside for some boldness, and to have the faith to look heavenward for help?


Elaine Lewis said...

Good word!

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you, my love!

Bungz said...

Thanks, Brad. This blesses me.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks for following. That blesses me!

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