Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chihuahua, Change And Creativity

My daughter (my youngest child, the only girl, very much still has me wrapped around her little finger) got a Chihuahua on Saturday. She has been looking for a dog for the past few months, one that would complement her lifestyle, and had settled on a very small dog (my daughter is only 5'1"). So a Chihuahua is perfect!

Jack-Jack is a one-year-old, purebred, AKC registered, fully grown, 4 lb. Chihuahua with a paid-up health insurance and dental plan. We got him for a steal (no, we did not steal him). He already had the name "Jack", and my daughter re-named him Jack-Jack (I'm still not sure why - maybe in case he misses his name the first time he is called).

My daughter and Jack-Jack bonded immediately. I am no expert, but I understand Chihuahuas are very territorial, and very selective in relationships (don't we wish our children were the same way?). He immediately jumped into her lap and allowed her to pet him. He responded with the complimentary face-lick for my daughter (she refused to lick him back). Still, both seemed happy.

Our home is already different since Jack-Jack moved in. I have to watch where I walk (I weigh 153 lbs, Jack-Jack weighs only 4 lbs. It wouldn't be pretty if I stepped on him, and I would end up getting punished). I have already baby-sat for Jack-Jack (three times, and it's only Tuesday), so my "running around" has been severely curtailed. (Although Jack-Jack does love to go for a ride in the car, and behaves himself very well while traveling.)

Some advantages to having a very small dog: Jack-Jack doesn't eat much, so dog food shouldn't cause me to have to cut the internet to our house in order to pay for his food. If he gets in my recliner while I'm sitting in it, I can put my MacBook Pro in my lap and there is still room for him to lay on my legs. Finally, when he is walked on public grassy areas, sometimes I can't find his "business" so I don't have to collect and dispose (I honestly do search...).

Now, what does this have to do with creativity? Well, any change (even small, 4 lb. ones) cause us to become creative. We can't continue to live the way we used to before the change, without incurring consequences. New territory requires new strategy. Change demands innovation. And a Chihuahua can rule the house...

Question: What changes in your life have caused you to become creative?

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