Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Transparent Coverings

We had what the meteoroligists call a freezing rain event overnight, and this morning all of the trees were covered with a beautiful glaze of percipitation. As I was running, I thought about the trees and the frozen rain clinging to the twigs and branches. A series of thoughts occured to me concerning coverings, and what is underneath.

The branches on the trees, while retaining their basic structure, had a transparent covering that allowed the observer to see the branches as they were. Sometimes people will cover plants with blankets or such to protect them from frozen perciptation. When this happens, the observer sees the covering, rather than the plant.

In many ways, our lives are like trees. Among other things, we grow, are dependent on our root system, spread our branches and produce fruit. And just like the freezing rain was covering the branches I observed, we too cover ourselves.

Oftentimes we cover ourselves with things, dressings and costumes, that draw the attention of those who observe us or divert the attention away from us.

Remember: what is on the inside affects what is on the outside, and what is on the outside affects only the perception of what is on the inside.

Allow me to make two statements: Our covering declares what we are. Our character defines who we are.

What do you cover yourself with? What do you put on and wear that identifies what you are?

Allow your covering to be transparent so as to allow your character to be seen. That is who you really are.


Anonymous said...

Blessed me today.....thank you.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Beth. Your phone call last evening to Elaine demonstrates your transparancy. You walk as an open book, not seeking to hide your struggles, but rather sharing them with those who care and who can help shoulder the burden.

I am glad you were blessed!

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