Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Technology And The Inauguration

Paul Katz , Senior Editor of Media/Entertainment/Technology for Iconwatch writes:

More than a million citizens packed into every nook and cranny of the National Mall last week to watch now-President Obama take the oath — but also groundbreaking was the throng of proud Americans who enjoyed the event via technology.

Internet video supplier Akamai Technologies reported a record 7.7 million viewers who watched the event via live streaming; CNN.com posted Facebook status updates, earning 27 million pairs of eyeballs; and Twitter messages were flying at a rate of five times the norm per second (AP 1.21.09).

Still, the online experience was not unlike Chief Justice Roberts' version of the oath: a bit rocky. Viewers on streaming websites like Hulu and CBS were bogged down by stuttering pictures and long login delays. At the root of the tech hiccups was the overwhelming surge of netizens heading online in unison. And the en masse infusion illustrates that the desire of consumers to engage in a digital setting is universal.

President Obama has earned the moniker of the first "Digital President," thanks to an administration that burst onto the social media scene (YouTube, dedicated websites, Facebook). Some say the key to his election success was communication via multiple tech platforms. The People have spoken. Are you listening? (Iconwatch, January 27, 2009)

After reading this article, I was challenged about how we, and more specifically I, am effectively communicating. Are we successfully reaching our culture with the redemptive message that many of us hold so dearly?

Although our message does not change, how we assimilate this message into our culture needs to keep pace with, and in many instances anticipate, the technological experience of those with whom we are seeking to communicate with and influence.

Let's seek to be proactive, effective and influential. Are we listening?

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