Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Some people can't wait for the weekend. Some can't wait for their vacation. Others can't wait for the next sports season to begin. A growing number can't wait for retirement. I am sure there are some who can't wait for 5:00.

It seems that many people in our society find great dissatisfaction in what they are currently doing (as in their job or station in life). And so they look forward to (or can't wait for) some type of reprieve.

I believe that everyone can find vision and satisfaction in what they are doing right now. You may play a small part in the overall function of your company with the task that you do. But, if you saw the bigger picture you would understand that there was a greater cause that you were a part of.

But beyond your "job", I feel that everyone has an area of significance outside of your "tasks" that minister to, influence, lead and/or impacts those around you. The key is determining what kind of an influence you want to be and purposefully going about being that influence.

So I encourage you to enlarge your vision beyond what you do, to what you can be. Think beyond the what is and look at the what could be. Be an influencer, a leader, a world-changer.

Country singer Alan Jackson sings It's Five O'clock Somewhere, reflecting a large segment of the U.S. workforce's sentiment about their jobs, bosses and slow moving work days. I hope I never get to the place in my life where I can't wait for... is my driving ambition.

How about you?

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