Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Multitasking Day

Today is a day of multitasking: We are having new IT equipment installed and we are implementing a new Helpdesk protocol (both of which I am overseeing), I am reviewing budgets for 10 departments, we had a luncheon honoring our volunteers (for whom I wrote and performed song), plus the regular meetings and work of a typical Wednesday (if you want to call this typical because we are also in the middle of rehearsals for our huge Christmas production).


I wrote all that to remind me to check in with my wife, touch base with my kids and make sure I don't get so busy doing tasks that I forget people.

OK, got it. Thanks for allowing me to use you to talk to me.


Philip A. Guzman, Esq. said...

Gee, that's nice, Brad. Now, will you please stop loafing around on your blog and get back to WORK!!

Brad Lewis said...

Phil, you are too funny!

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