Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Cookies, And Other Creativity

I listened to a news report this morning on the radio indicating that Americans are spending much less on Christmas gifts this year (no real news there). The reporter went on to indicate that after time, children forget what gifts they received, but remembered time spent.

I began to think about my Christmas memories and the things I received, as opposed to the time spent. I realized that yes, I do remember events and relationships over things. Even as an adult this holds true for me. (Christmas 1999 stands out in my mind, but don't ask...)

What about your memories?

Well, back to my title Christmas Cookies, And Other Creativity. What are you doing to create memories with your families? Some ideas: Baking Christmas cookies, decorating the house & tree, driving the neighborhoods looking at the "lights" - one of my childhood memories, reading aloud Christmas stories - an event that our family began ten years ago.

Even as we get older and our children move away and begin to develop their own events and relationships, new things may emerge as creative memory makers. My goal in this Blog: Don't simply buy things. Bake some cookies... and be creative!

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