Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Traditions

There is a radio commercial playing on secular stations in our local market talking about the Christmas Traditions many people observe such as driving around the parking lot of the mall looking for a space the same way that the wise men traveled around looking for the star.

The ad ends by encouraging families to begin a new Christmas tradition: that of seeking Christ, the real meaning of Christmas. Cute, catchy and convincing.

So in my desire to be brief (I must run out to the mall and look for a parking space) yet profound, I encourage you to seek after Christ, who is the true meaning of Christmas.


Unknown said...

Hi Brad,

Your Christmas Memories Blog entry encouraged me to send this as a thought or even an idea for your family to consider next year.

On Christmas our family (Carol and I plus Eric, Ryan, and Kevin) invited eight "Local Orphans" [locals who have no family nearby] over to our house to celebrate with us. This year it was quite international with the nations of China, Taiwan, and Bolivia represented. We had great food and hours of getting to know each other. In addition to eating we went for a one mile walk around the block, we took turns giving a brief bio/profile of ourselves, we sang carols with guitar and flute, and we played Guesstures, SET, and Seafarers of Catan. Both Guesstures and SET are games that do not require that you know much English to play. We tried this last Christmas and it was so good that we just had to do it again this year.

Our "Local Orphans" stayed a long time - They were having fun. And my whole family got involved in making it enjoyable.

May God bring prosperity to you and yours in 2009.


Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Alan. What an encouragement to all of us: investing in our families while investing in the lives of others. I believe that this tradition will continue for generations on your family!

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