Thursday, November 09, 2006

Be You

I read this on Zondervan's Daily Inspiration devotional:

In the kaleidoscope of God's family, there's room for all gifts and temperaments. God may have given you extraordinary depths of mercy, lots of patience, heights of wisdom, or the ability to enjoy adventure or to thrive on solitude. And, somewhere in your community, there's probably a seeker who's one step away from coming to faith but who needs to come into contact with someone just like you—with your personality, your temperament, your passion, and your interests. If that seeker could glimpse how God lives and works through you, it might be enough to propel him across the line of faith.

In light of these words, I encourage you to be the one who God created you to be. Allow your life to be lived to its fullest. Passionately and extravagantly love God!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is difficult to realize that god really is moving in our life and that he gave us each a talent for a reason.

Brad Lewis said...

I agree Wayne. Our own faults, failures, limitations and personal view of ourselves restrict how we see ourselves. Sometimes our talent is viewed by us in a limited capacity for its use.

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