Friday, September 29, 2006


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I used to think that creativity was reserved for the select few. You know, the artists, the authors, the songwriters. But then I began to see that all of us were given the gift of creativity.

It says in the Word of God that Adam was created in the image of God. It also says that Adam was the firstborn of all of humanity. That tells me that all of us were created in the image of God. What is one of the greatest characteristics of God? He is the Creator.

If I am made in God's image, then I too am a creator. And so are you.

But you may be saying, "I can't write, I can't paint, I can't create anything." Try not to limit creativity to works of art, literature or music. Instead, think of creativity as looking at the challenges, opportunities and even the mundane tasks of life from a new perspective.

This could mean finding a different way to make your family's favorite meal. Or perhaps expressing your love for your spouse in a new and fresh way. Even rearranging the furniture in a corner of your home is creativity.

Don't limit yourself to what you can or cannot do. At every opportunity ask this question: How can I do this better, different or more uniquely? Now go ahead and create!

Question: What can you do to be the "creative" you were designed to be? Share below in responses.

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