Tuesday, October 03, 2006


In less than one week, three different schools across America have experienced death. Death at the hands of adults; death at the hands of students. Unrelated, but having the common thread of families being left without.

But are they truly unrelated? I am not suggesting "conspiracy theory", but I am suggesting that our world is sick, and this "sickness" has manifested itself once again in the form of fatal violence on school campuses.

Listen to this: Since 1999, 219 deaths have occurred in our schools. Now that should bother us. But are we bothered enough to do more than simply curse the darkness, saying this is an awful, twisted world that we live in?

May I offer that we could seek to change our world. We who believe in Christ carry a message of hope. We who have life can do little things to dispense that life. We who are well can seek to reverse the "sickness".

How? Simple: Invest in somebody. That's a great start.


Anonymous said...

Truth truelly stated. We are the salt of the world. Salt preserves what would normally go rotten. We know that the world is bound to get sick (go rotten) it is left to us, the salt of the world, to preserve it!

Brad Lewis said...

Yes! Thank you for the salt reference. Rotten is an excellent way to describe this "sickness". Let us be preservers!

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