Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Preparing For Worship: Personal Ministry

(Continuing the thoughts begun three weeks ago on Sunday worship being a culmination and celebration of what God has done in and through our lives during the week.)
How can we make gathered Sunday worship a place celebrate, instead of a place to get “filled-up”? How can the week between Sundays become a positive impact on our lives, rather than a drain on our lives?

We have discussed personal worship and God working in me. Now, allow me to state that gathered Sunday worship should be a culmination of God working through me throughout the week.  Here are some ideas to make that happen:

Our Personal Ministry: We should all minister directly during our interaction with people (see below). And, we should also minister indirectly through prayer. When someone shares a need with us, and when God makes us aware of a need, stop and pray. Don’t “send good thoughts and prayers”, but rather boldly go before the Throne of God and pray, crying out to Him in behalf of that person.

Our Ministry Community: We all have ministry communities. Our small groups, Sunday school class, ministry team, and even our families are great “communities” to have an effective impact on people during the week. As a group, look for and find ways to provide spiritual and practical ministry in the lives of others, and then go minister together!

Our Spontaneous Ministry: Here is our direct interaction with people that God puts in our path. Do you see someone struggling with a “load”? Help them (open a door, carry a box, comfort a crying child, etc.). Do you see a person without enough money to pay for groceries or a meal? Pay for it. Don’t simply go through your day, rather go through your day looking for opportunities minister!

Taking Risks Of Faith: God will put personal and spiritual needs on your heart as you encounter people. When you sense and see these needs, take a risk of faith and speak with them to encourage, and even pray for them. A great way to begin a conversation with a stranger who God has put on your heart is, “Excuse me, but I am a person of faith. Would you mind if I prayed for you?”

Doing these things will give us reason to celebrate in gathered Sunday worship. Imagine entering a gathered worship service being so full of joy because God used you during the week to minister to others… Begin every day looking for ways to minister, and then go and minister! Lead Well!

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