Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Have You Stopped Dreaming?

Have you stopped dreaming? I am not referring to dreaming while you sleep, but rather looking towards a better future. And I am not referring to the “sweet by and by” but rather seeing things as they could be instead as they are.
It seems to me that most dreamers are young. Most dreamers are full of hope, full of optimism, and full of idealism. They are daring. They take risks. They dream.

But as people age, they tend to cut back on dreaming. Some become complacent. Some become discouraged. Some become cold and bitter because life has shut down their dreams.

I am finding that as I age, I could easily fall into a pattern of accepting the status quo, and shuffling along with the rest of humanity.

But I work hard not to fall into that trap. I don't want to become a non-dreamer and a non-visionary. I still expect every seed I plant to grow into a flower. I still anticipate that at the end of a rainstorm there will be the shining of the sun.

I still believe that every melody line that comes from my heart will capture the hearts of others. I still believe that every person I pray for will be touched by God.

I like to believe that God will take my dreams and fuel them with His power so that they become a reality: A melody conceived that touches the soul, a page written that stimulates the mind, a word spoken that encourages the heart.

I have called it hope. I have called it faith. I have called it vision. Sometimes I call it dreaming.

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