Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We Sure Do Talk A Lot

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We talk a lot. Sometimes with our mouths, oftentimes with our fingers (on our smartphone keyboards).
We can't get away from it: We live in a world of talking heads, talk radio, smartphones, Facebook, chat rooms, Twitter, texting, instant messages, status updates, comments on tagged photos, comments on updates, and comments on comments. Whether we use our mouths, our MacBooks or our thumbs (pro texters will follow that), countless words leave us and move through the atmosphere and through cyberspace.

Sometimes what we have to say is important. Sometimes what we have to say is complementary to what another has already shared. But a lot of times what we have to say is about ourselves, and doesn't really benefit anyone. (Here's a test: Look back at your posts and comments and see how often you use the words I, I've, me, my, mine.)

In the end, it is up to us to determine if what we have to say is really worth saying.

I remember one time getting caught by my mother in a lie (I was a young boy of eight). After she confronted me on the issue and asked if I had done the deed, she said, "Before you answer, think about what you say." Well I didn't think about what I would say, and Mom knew it wasn't the truth. Needless to say, I paid the price. (I can't remember what I did - I just remember the consequence for my lying.)

Maybe Mom's advice isn't just for eight-year-old boys who have the opportunity to lie. Maybe before we speak, text, or type, we all ought to stop and "think about what you say." Is it truly benefiting, encouraging, and challenging to someone, or is it simply about me?

Maybe we'd say a lot less, but it would mean a lot more.

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