Tuesday, June 14, 2016

React or Pro-Act

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In my last Blog post I asked if you were a "History Maker" or a "History Reader". I summarized by asking the question,  "Do we sit back and watch the life around us go by, or do we write the story of the life around us?"
Stated differently, do we react to situations, news, and people, or are we proactive?

We have all seen the Facebook memes: Like and share if you'd vote for this person. Copy and paste this into your status. #PrayForOrlando (and France, and Boston, and Nigeria, and Israel, and Fallujah... Click here to see the list of terrorist attacks around the world so far in 2016).

Are we shocked, stunned, and astonished when we read or hear about things that happen in our world? (Did you click the link in the above paragraph? What was your response as you read?) Do we ever get overwhelmed? Do we ever get to the place where logoff and yell, "Make it stop!"

What can we do to get ahead of the curve of all the "news" that continues to bombard us? Are we stuck in the place of like & share, or are we establishing the ground rules for the life that we are allowing to affect us?

I am a follower in Jesus Christ, and as His follower I am exhorted to be salt and light, to do good deeds, to live holy, to love my enemies, to give to the needy, to not store physical treasures, to not judge, and to not worry about the future. I must then, be vigilant to make sure my life is truly following the Lord.

I think I get it: If I am active about being salt and light, doing good deeds, living holy, loving my enemies, giving to the needy, storing treasures in heaven, not judging, and not worrying about the future, then I have adopted a Proactive lifestyle. 

When we aren't grounded we react. When we don't have convictions we don't think for ourselves. But, if we can find our rootedness in our relationship with Christ, and if we can have a global vision along with a Christian perspective, then we can be Proactive.

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