Tuesday, September 23, 2014

India #12: It's Here!

Here I go again... I am leaving after work this Thursday for a short mission trip among the people I love: The Indian people! An opportunity opened for me and I am stepping in.
On the day I was to fly home from my last India trip back in March, one of my good friends whom I partner with while there, Joy David Kalyanapu (Daniels brother), posed a question to me: Would I come back to India at the end of September and perform the wedding ceremony for his oldest son Victor? (Victor lives here in the US and I connect with him any chance I get.)
Of course I was honored to be asked, and told him I would pray with my wife about it. I returned to the US, and over the next three months, we talked and prayed. We knew it would be a time and financial pinch, but we also sensed that I needed to go.
I am grateful to my insurance agent boss who understands my heart for India, and worked with me around the days Id be gone from the office.
Some friends and family were gracious with giving to help a little with my trip, I had a few vacation days left, so here I go!
I asked Joy David and Daniel to load me up with preaching and ministry opportunities, and my schedule will be full, speaking multiple times every day I am there.
I return on Wednesday night and I am back at the insurance office on Thursday. (Whew!)
A short trip, but one I know will be very fruitful! Pray, follow this Blog as I will be posting daily once I get in-country, and believe with me that India #12 will be an incredible time!

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Gina R said...

Praying for a safe and fruitful trip!

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you Gina R!

Mom said...

So u flew? I thought you took a cruise ship from Ft. Lauderdale. Praying for you. Love you.

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