Sunday, September 28, 2014

India #12: Day 2

As I write this post, I am about to preach at the Sunday morning worship service here at Ecclesia Church, my home base while in India. Part of my anticipation and excitement is because of last night, and the powerful meeting we had.
We traveled for 1½ hours to a remote village, most of it on a pothole-strewn road (actually it was more like an asphalt-strewn pothole). The farther we traveled, the deeper we went into the "country". We finally arriving at a humble "church" (a tent awning set up on the ground in front of a small concrete platform).

As our team exited the vehicle, we could hear the people passionately worshipping with no instruments other than a drum and a tambourine. I was surprised to find over 150 people had gathered in what seemed like the middle of nowhere.

Makeshift lights had been set up, and even as some of our team lead a worship song, two young men were stringing another light from one of the tent poles, plugging the bare wires into an open receptacle. Ah, India!

About a week ago the Lord had put a word in my heart from John 5 where Jesus healed a man by a pool who had been crippled for 38 years. I sensed that this was the time and place to share that word.

I preached the message of Jesus' love for us, and how he simply wants us to believe in Him, trusting Him to meet every one of our needs. I knew God's Spirit was strong as the word was spoken.

There was an excitement in the air when we gave the "altar call" response time, and well over half of the people came forward for prayer. There were so many needs expressed (translated to me through the altar workers), and led by the Spirit of God I laid hands and prayed for every person who came forward. AIDS, broken marriages,  cancer, pains, deafness, fever, evil spirits, and many more needs were expressed and prayed for.

I was so focused on praying for the people that I did not realize that person after person was publicly testifying to God immediately meeting their needs, bring healing, release, peace, and salvation.

One woman who was literally doubled over and in great pain, having been diagnosed with stomach cancer, stood with a smiling face and an upright stance and told of how the pain immediately left her as she was prayed for.

On an on the people spoke of God for meeting their needs because they simply trusted in Him, and in Him alone.

I am not a skeptic. I am a believer. When desperate people bring their needs to Jesus, trusting in Him and Him alone, God shows up and brings salvation, healing, and life!

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