Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The "Who You Are" Influence

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Who you are influences others more than what you do.
In our Do-Driven culture, finding a way to define a person outside of what they do is becoming increasingly difficult. But the statement remains true: Who you are influences others more than what you do.

Imagine the outside ball in the image above as a bakery donut hole. Or as a ping pong ball. The effect on the other balls would be much different.

In the same way, the who we are (what makes us up: our character, our dreams, our passions, our commitments, our values) will affect those with whom we interact, and especially those whom we chose to influence in a much greater way than what we do (our job, our actions, our talents, our choice of sports teams, etc.).

So instead of giving primary attention to what you do, focus on the inside: Who you are. For what you become on the inside ultimately affects what you do on the outside.

Question: How have you seen the who you are influence have a greater impact that the what you do influence? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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