Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dreaming Of Doing Good

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I wouldn't dream of it...

Most people wouldn't dream of staying around and riding out a major storm for the sole purpose of helping others. Even less would actually travel most of the way across the country to help. I stumbled across this:

Vern Gillmore, 80, isn't just sending money or supplies to help those affected by the Hurricane Sandy megastorm -- he's delivering himself.

The Utah man has been volunteering with his American Red Cross chapter for three years and was deployed Monday to help a small portion of some 50 million people who could be affected by the storm, according to ABC 4.
"My hobby is volunteering," Gillmore told the news outlet. "I love to volunteer and help people."
Most of the time in our me-centered society, where lines of consumers extend into the parking lot of smart phone retailers, and fights breakout amid the stampede of shoppers on Black Friday, people like the above referenced man are rarely heard of.
And yet there are some who still dream of doing good.
Dreaming is good. Dreaming of doing good is even better. Acting on your dreams is the best.
I think I just found something new to dream about.
Question: When have you dreamed of doing good? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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