Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"Like" It Or "Live" It?

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As a Facebook subscriber, I often read other's status updates where a catchy slogan or statement is copied into their status from someone else and the final words are 'Like' if you agree. or 'Share' in your status if you agree. (Sometimes it separates the 'sharers' as the 3% who really believe the statement.)
Some statements are related to social causes, some to political ideologies, some to family members, while others are about faith.

It is an interesting phenomenon how we use social media to promote causes and people. If we agree, we 'like' or 'share'. But do we 'live' it or just 'like' it?

Interestingly, we have evolved into a people who vicariously live our lives through others. The most popular shows are reality based. Role-playing games (RPGs) continue to flood the market. The super-hero movie genre is as popular as ever.

We have found that it is much easier to watch, imagine, or click than to 'live'.

May I challenge us with a thought: If you believe in something, immerse yourself fully in it.
  • If you say you love your spouse in your Facebook status, then do something right then that demonstrates your love (besides a public status update).
  • If you say you support a cause in your Facebook status, then do something tangible that supports the cause (besides a public status update).
  • If there's "a place on our wall for Jesus", then let's make sure we keep Him on our wall when someone pulls out in front of us.
'Like' if you agree with this Blog post.

Question? Have you found yourself where you 'like' something, but you don't really 'live' it? Share your thoughts below in comments.
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