Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creative Expression: Multiplied

This Friday evening, our ministry is hosting an event called Fire by Night. (Please know that I am not using this Blog post to unashamedly promote the event. But, if reading this motivates you to join us, I'm OK with that!)

Fire by Night is designed to be an evening for the wider community of Christians to come together for expressive worship and passionate prayer. Simply put, we will worship and cry out to our Lord.

Events like these play a greater role in the life of creatives (and I believe that all of us are creative, because we were made in the image of The Creator, and therefore we have that quality in our DNA) because there is an atmosphere that fosters creativity beyond what we might normally experience.

Here are three specific goals and benefits that we anticipate during this evening:
  • Diverse Community - Bringing together other people from various faith communities will always create a fresh environment to express ourselves in. The same reason my wife and I love to try new ethnic foods is why it is good to be exposed to other fellow-worshippers. It stretches us, enriches us, and exposes us to something new we might like.
  • Expansive Expression - An environment where time and style are not constraints allows for creative expression that goes beyond our comfort zone. As Blog and column writers faced with deadlines and content restriction seem to flourish at writing novels, so does an atmosphere where creative expression is encouraged.
  • Multiplied Effect - More worshippers means abundant declaration. Combined passion means greater affirmation. One trumpet is loud, two trumpets twice as loud, but a brass band will shake a building.
When one adds the intangibles that are benefits of an event like this, the level of creativity (and in this case the level of worship) grows exponentially!

Question: When have you been involved in a wider creative expression, and what were the results you experienced? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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