Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What I've Learned From My Two Lives

Well, this week it finally caught up with me: Living my Two Lives, in two different states, serving in two different ministries has become almost too much. (See my previous Blog posts: A Man Without A Home, and A Man Without A Home... Part 2.)

Now I am not throwing in the towel and giving up. The commute will come to an end at the end of this month. (Our last Sunday at Immanuel's Church in Maryland will be March 27th.) But frankly, I'm tired.

So what have I learned from my Two Lives:

-I'm not as young as I once was (I could drive 10 hours twice in one weekend to see my to-be-wife, and be ready for Monday morning class when I was in college).

-I'm better at maximizing my time (I can get a lot accomplished in a 2.5 hour flight with just my iPad and my creativity).

-My wife and children are worth every minute I can give them, because when they are not with me, I am less of a man.

-I miss the physical benefits and solitude of running (logistically it's just not possible right now - I am exercising a bit though).

-I have incredibly generous friends (I rotate between three families, staying at their homes when I am in Maryland).

-I don't miss television.

So there you have it: Living my Two Lives has not been a bad thing. It has served a purpose, and it has allowed me to serve my purpose.

Question: What have you learned from unusual seasons in your lives? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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