Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Celebrating Your Uniqueness

I believe there is a lot to be said for uniqueness. There actually is a lot to be said about uniqueness. (I just Googled the word and the counter showed 10,900,000 results!)

My question is: Are you unique?

What about you sets you apart from everyone else? I'm not referring specifically to the size of your nose or your "bring-down-the-house" singing ability. But rather the total of all of your traits, talents, and travels; your looks, leanings, and likes; your creations, competencies, and character. (The creation of that last sentence is what makes me kind of unique!)

All of us are unique, in that we were created by the Creator in His image, yet he personally planned out everything about us. (See Psalm 139: 13-16 in the Bible for that.) Because of this, you (and I) are not only unique, but you're highlighted by your Creator. Called, set apart, chosen for something that only you can do.

So I say celebrate your uniqueness! You are the only you there is. Only you can do what you were set apart to do. Only you can fulfill your destiny!

Question: How are you unique, and what do you feel is the thing that only you can do? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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friv10go said...

also you're right, I liked what you had to say.

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