Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I Lost My Glasses

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This morning when I opened my backpack and took out my glasses case, it was empty. But I didn't panic.

I am a planner, a big picture visionary, and an adapter. One of my Clifton Strengthsfinder Themes is Strategic: ...creating alternative ways to proceed.

As a result, I have planned ahead and keep an extra pair of drugstore reading glasses in my desk just for situations like this.

Being strategic, I was able to quickly back-track my movements, and remembered the last time I had them on: swapping iPad app ideas with my host-for-the-week (I am a gypsy while in Maryland). I am sure I left them on his couch.

So no worries, all is good. I can see as I type this Blog post, I will make it through the day, and I will retrieve my glasses tonight.

But what happens as creatives when we "lose our glasses" and don't have a back-up plan? (No internet connection, floor monitor not on the correct side, slightly-off color paint, blue pen instead of black... you get the picture.)

Do we fuss, fret and become hard to be around. Or do we adapt and make the best of what we have?

Life is full of losing our glasses. In fact, most of go through every day and lose our glasses.

As for me, I am adapting to my contingent drugstore reading glasses. People in the office are asking me if when I started wearing glasses. The lenses are too strong and I am getting a headache. And they look really tacky. But, they work!

Question: How do you adapt when you "lose your glasses"? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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