Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shake It Up!

I've always been one to shake things up. Literally.

In grade school I would shake my milk carton up so much that the foam would spill out over the top when I opened it. Show me a shelf full of snow globes and prepare for a blizzard. If it's liquid (except sodas), expect a vigorous jiggle from me that rivals commercial paint shakers.

I'm not sure why I do that. Maybe my Mom traveled on bumpy roads a lot while I was still in her womb. Or perhaps the baby sitter set my bassinet on the washing machine to help me go to sleep. For whatever reason, I am a shaker. Shake it up!

Sometimes in meetings I ask, "What if?" Often I challenge the status quo, just to shake things up a bit and get our team looking from a different perspective.

As a worship pastor I would periodically move singers around, placing them near unfamiliar voices, seeking to help them break out of their norm, to try something new. As a leader, I often ask those whom I lead to swap responsibilities, giving each one a new perspective on what others do, and how it relates to what they do. Shake it up!

Sometimes this is a great strategy for releasing creativity, for liberating ideas. Simple actions like sitting in a different chair, or writing a Blog post in longhand (do we remember how to do that?) can go a long way to stimulating innovation.

Call me crazy, but there have been times when I literally will lay down on the floor or stand on a chair and scan the room to change my perspective from my usual 5'9" vantage point. Shake it up!

Turn off the light and think in the dark. walk or ride your bike instead of driving. Pause your iPod and listen to the silence.

Shake it up!

Question: What can you do to shake it up and give yourself a different perspective on what you are dealing with? Share below in responses.

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Tracy said...

Good post Brad. I found humor in the part where you would move your singers around. I remeber that being done to me a few times in fact. LOL. Come to think of it, it really helped.


Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Tracy. It's nice to hear that "Shaking it Up" helped.

Unknown said...

I love the blog. I like it when things get shaken up. I know that through patiences you would move me around in the choir and put me next to the strongest bass singers. I know that i was not that good but you were willing to help me as much as possible as well as those around me. What I do know is when you did move me you inspired people to help me. I know Mr.Ward would point out where we were in the song book so I could stay on track. Your willingness to change things up was contagious and you could see it in those you lead. I just wanted to say thanks for shaking up mine and Tracy world. We often talk about those time when we were back in the choir. Keep the great blogs coming. BigRon

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks Big Ron! Your encouragement goes a long way for me.

Keep Blogging yourself. Your leadership of others will be the legacy that you leave.

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