Wednesday, October 06, 2010

3 Creative Leadership Questions

Picture this: You're meeting with your team. No one is participating. Blank expressions. No contributions. The enthusiasm level: below zero. The prevailing attitude: What are you going to tell us to do now?

Have you been in those type of meetings? Have you led those type of meetings? Here are three easy questions that I have found will raise the level creativity on your team, and energize them to action.

What if? Asking your team What if? inspires dreaming. It opens the door to look beyond what is, and launches them to see a compelling future. It's about inspiring them.

How about? Asking How about? gives your team a chance to buy-in to your proposals. Instead of dictating mandates, you are including your team in participating in decisions. It's about including them.

Why not? Asking your team Why not? lets them know that you value their ideas. Instead of rejecting their thoughts, you are supporting and encouraging contribution. It's about investing in them.

The bottom line: Creativity looks outside what is. Leadership releases your followers to look there.

Question: When have you asked these (or other) questions that have inspired your team? Share below...

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