Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fight For Affection!

This morning as I was running I heard quite a commotion coming from overhead. I noticed a couple of male Goldfinches chasing each other in the air. I also noticed a female Goldfinch flying in the general area of the "fight". (My wife, an avid "birder", has taught me how to tell the males from the females - without turning them over...)

What I figured out was this: the two males were fighting for the affection of the female. It was quite a spectacle. I realized that this was a characteristic in the animal kingdom that used to exist among humans (maybe it's still active in some cultures).

How much do we "fight" for the affection of our spouses, children and significant people in our lives? Once we have "tied the knot", do we live by the "I've got her, now I can relax" mindset?

We need to continue to show that we would fight for our spouses affection, our children's attention and our friend's consideration. We can't take for granted that they will follow us, support us and be led by us.

We need to create a commotion and fight!


Anonymous said...

Wow! So many pictures come to mind re "create a commotion and fight!" However, I realize you mean this euphemistically, and in generally in the vein of not taking our spouses, friends, relatives, etc. for granted. "Fighting" can mean supporting a spouse, child, etc. when he/she is being "attacked", either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. It can mean hanging in there during tough times and fighting to keep the communication lines open. It means keeping your eyes open and being involved in the other's life. It means being compassionate, empathetic, understanding, loving, supportive, and more. We have to really fight to be all those things...fight against the world and cultures that tell us that we should be more concerned about ourselves than about others. The commotion we make when we are fighting to do these things is often what draws people to us as Christians because we so stand out from the crowd.

If we don't fight for what is right, true and good then apathy sets in and we slip down into the nice, warm, comfortable goo that makes up most of this world...and that God so clearly stated that he would spew out of his mouth!

Brad Lewis said...

Wow Sue! You really expanded on what I wrote. Yes, there are so many ways we can fight for those we love. Thank you for putting more meat on the bones of my post!

Anonymous said...

Easier said than done. Especially if your family and friends are dysfunctional!! I like to fight from a distance and in the process fight for my peace of mind. I need to believe, with Christ this is possible.

Brad Lewis said...


In the quest for the brevity of Blog posting, it is easy to oversimplify issues. Yes, there are situations that require us to "fight from a distance". My intent was to simply state that we should still fight.

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