Monday, February 11, 2008

Creative Collaboration

A colleague (and friend) and I got together last week to write a song. It was my first experience in "collaboration". In the past, I have written songs and if I had a lyric or a chord that didn't quite work, I would ask for input from another musician. This time, my friend had a song structured and some of the lyrics decided. This time I gave the input that "completed" the song.

It was a good feeling. We worked as a team, exchanging ideas, offering a word here or there, and tactfully critiquing things that didn't work. The result was a song that we think grabs the heart.

Why am I saying all this? Because I was reminded that there is great value in creating with someone else. Yes, we can produce excellent works on our own, but periodically working with another person or team gives a fresh infusion of ideas that can inspire us to even greater creativity.

Give it a try. Creative collaboration is a great way to work and create.

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