Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Say It!

Today at a staff meeting I shared with our team my weekly Leadership Minute, where I seek to give a quick encouragement that will help us become better leaders. This week I spoke on Communicating Clearly: Making sure what is said is what is heard.

Many times I find that good communication is sacrificed for verbiage, and the message is lost in the words. Let's face it: many people like to hear themselves talk. And their talking isn't always communicating.

So what do we do? I suggest that we consider our audience. Ask, Who am I seeking to communicate with, rather than what am I seeking to communicate? Remember, our goal is communication, rather than simply sounding good.

Also, careful word choice will always produce better results than using choice words. Think about what you are saying. Don't just say what you are thinking.

Bottom line: It’s not what you said that matters, but it’s what the other person understood that makes for successful communication.


Bungz said...

One of the things thats really challenged my habit of using 'choice' words is talking with kids. It is like a reality check.

Brad Lewis said...

How right you are! Kids are one of the best filters for reality. They know what's real and what's fake. They make us examine our words and speech.

I looked at your profile. I was in Chennai in February. I spent a week in Mahabalipuram and a week in Vellore. It was my first trip to India. I loved the country and the people!


Bungz said...

Glad you like the place and people! I suppose you will be visiting more often now...

Brad Lewis said...

Yes. We have a trip planned for February, to the same area that I went last time. This time it looks like I am bringing some of my family with me.

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