Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Off to Jail

The headlines read, "Paris Goes To Prison", and "Hilton Heads For Jail." The Monday morning media obsessed with the fact that Paris Hilton began her 23 day sentence. And we all watched with great interest. Once again our society turned its attention to an event that involved a person who has really no bearing in the larger scheme of things.

This past Sunday our church ordained five people as ministers. These five are already involved in ministries that are affecting the world. Part of our ordination process is to take the hands of the person and tie a rope around their wrists, symbolizing that they are bond servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. It's a pretty cool event!

As we were tying the wrists, one man who many years ago had been arrested remarked to me, "The last time I did this it was for something I did wrong. Now I am doing something right." Imagine that!

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