Saturday, February 24, 2007

India: Day Twelve

Today may sound like a “minor” day of ministry because my only work was speaking at a small house church. But it was far from that, as once again God’s Spirit showed Himself strong and God’s presence showed itself in a remarkable way.

The house church is a relatively new ministry that is located in the center of a community of Hindus. In fact, the twenty or so people that attend the meetings are the only Christians in the community. They have experienced much persecution in many forms. There is ridicule at school where the children attend, verbal abuse and “silent” abuse (opportunities are not given to the Christians to buy things at discount, promotions at work are not given when they are due and college scholarships are given only to Hindu students). Plus, false accusations are brought against the people to the police and to other government officials. There has been at least one instance of rocks being thrown at the believers as they have gathered to worship.

Yet the faith and resolve of this small group of believers continues! Twenty-three gathered in the living room of a businessman on Friday evening and assisted by a worship CD in a CD player, they sang, prayed and thanked God for His faithfulness. Then I shared an encouraging word to strengthen their faith and give them courage.

The presence of God was strong there. It was the strongest of any of the churches that I have met with on this trip. Many of the people asked me to pray for them, and as I did the presence of God increased and very real emotional and physical healings took place.

One young girl complained of sharp stomach pain for a week. After we prayed, she said the pain was gone! A married couple who had been trying to conceive a child for five years asked if I’d pray for them. As I prayed, I sensed that the woman’s womb was actually opening. I told them that deep in my spirit I felt that one year form now they would be holding a baby.

Another young lady asked that I pray for a husband for her. As we prayed, she began to cry a cry of release, trusting in the Lord. (She couldn’t understand what I was praying because she didn’t speak English. But her spirit understood!)

What moved me the most was the wife of the host home. She is a believer, but I was told she is very reserved and not given to emotion. She asked that I pray for pain in her shoulders and arms. As I prayed she was filled with the Holy Spirit began to cry, and continued to for quite a while. She was overjoyed with her encounter with the Lord! All were astonished at her response because it was so out of character for her.

I believe that this humble house church will become the leading edge of a revival in that community and in just a few months, the community will be known as “Christian” rather than Hindu.

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Anonymous said...

Brad - I've been away on vacation (no computer) so it was good to catch up on all your daily entries.
Awesome! I was talking with a brother this morning about mission trips & how unscheduled & spirit-directed they can be. Bring back that attitude: "wherever we go today Lord is perfectly fine".

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