Sunday, February 18, 2007

India: Day Six

Today is the last day in Mamallapuram. I was called upon to set up a computer and internet connection for Pastor Sami at the orphanage before we attended the Saturday prayer meeting. A little practical work before spiritual work. We got the computer up and running (that is where I posted yesterday’s blog from) and then went into the prayer meeting after it had already begun.

Fervent is how I have to keep describing prayer of the believers here. They called out to God for revival, for family members, for he lost and for the hurting. I don’t know of one person who asked that I pray for themselves.

I taught a word on the pressures of life (these people have pressure!) and how God is interested in making us all perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. I envy the people, because they have so few distractions and when God applies pressure on their lives, they can only turn to Him.

There were many goodbyes, hugs and blessings, and then I got in the car with Ramesh (from Immanuel’s) and we headed west to Vellore, a city about 3 hours from the coast. It was an interesting ride as we saw farmlands, cities, towns and lot of people pass by in this vast country.

In Vellore, my first ministry act was to participate on Saturday evening in the commissioning of a new missionary by an organization that sends apostles all over India. On the trip over I was told I’d been asked to give the charge to the man (see pic). He is going to be working with the prostitutes in the north of India, taking the love of Christ to those whom no one loves. I challenged him to follow the leading of the Spirit of God, and to not turn to the left or the right as the Spirit led him.

After I sat down, a note was passed to the lead pastor asking me to pray for him also. I wasn’t on that part of the program, but I was again called on, this time to pray. I began to prophesy things into his life that God was showing me as I prayed for him.

After I sat down, another note was passed to the front, this time asking me to pray for the other missionaries present, about 14 in all. They even asked if I’d bless the offering after it was taken!

It is exciting to see these people committed to reaching their own nation. It was shared that evening that there are over 4,000 different people groups in India, and over 1,600 different languages. Only 4% of the population is Christians, so there is much to be done. Tomorrow I preach three times at three different churches on three different subjects. It ought to be interesting!


Elaine Lewis said...

My dear love,

I am so thankful that God is using you in such a miraculous way. I am envious, I wish I could be there with you. Next time... I pray a double anointing for you, more healings, more signs and wonders! Yeah God! I love you and miss you so much!


phil said...


This is awesome stuff! Ina, Matt, and I continue to pray for you: Lord, continue to use your servant, Brad, as your instrument!

phil said...


This is awesome stuff! Ina, Matt, and I continue to pray for you: Lord, continue to use your servant, Brad, as your instrument!

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