Friday, February 23, 2007

India: Day Eleven

This evening I had the privilege to speak at the weekly chapel service at the most prestigious teaching hospital in all of India. What an honor it was to stand before over 500 doctors, medical staff, students, patients and family members and share the love of Christ with the again mostly Hindu audience. The place was packed, with many standing in the doorways.

After a time of worship and prayer, led by a team from a nearby church, I shared the story in John 5 of the man by the pool who was waiting to be healed for 38 years. Ramesh translated into Tamil, and together we told the people that Jesus was willing to heal them both physically and spiritually if they are willing to trust in Him and Him alone.

I gave an altar call and approximately 200 people responded to the invitation to commit their lives to Christ! What an incredible sight it was to see a hospital chapel service become a harvest of souls!

It was a fast-paced evening because as soon as I finished with the altar call, I was whisked away by motor cycle to a village outside of Vellore where I was scheduled to speak at a humble house-church, leaving Ramesh and his brother-in-law-pastor in charge of the “after-service”.

Once again I was overwhelmed with the passion and heart of the Christians who faithfully meet week after week to worship, pray and receive the Word of God amid much opposition and poverty.

The small gathering of 22 believers were gracious and receptive to the encouragement from God’s Word. After the service we prayed for each person and again saw miracles. Many asked that I pray for their families who were Hindu and needed to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is faithful!

Thank you for continuing to lift me up as I minister here in India. We only have three more days of ministry, and I am expecting God to do even more wonders! Thank you for being part of this trip with me!


phil said...

The "biker" pastor (do you have the requisite tatoos!?)! I can see you now: eyes closed; holding on for dear life!!

The Lord does indeed have a sense of humor as he ministers to his people! He does wonderous things through His people !! We continue to pray for you.

Guzman Family

Anonymous said...


I can't believe that your time is coming to a close. What a time you have had! I am so happy that the Lord has used you to minister to his people of India. What a honor!! I know there are many, many more stories of His faithfulness that we have not heard. I can't wait to hear about them. Be blessed! Attempt great things for God and expect great things from Him. Much love, Shelia

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