India: Epiblog

I have been reflecting over the past two weeks since I have returned from India. I remember one of the "chat" conversations that I had with my wife while I was there. I was sharing with her about my encounter with a Muslim man whose wife had left him, and in his brokenness his desire to commit his life to Christ.

She in turn shared with me about some people that she was ministering to here in the US. The following thought struck us both at the same time, and this is the direction that our conversation took: there are hurting and needy people everywhere. One doesn't have to travel to a foreign or third-world country to find people who need us to reach out to them. We only have to look right here at home.

At the risk of sounding self-important (something I try to avoid at all costs), allow me to share a bit of our hearts. My wife and I try to be sensitive at all times to people who might need a simple kind word, an act of service or an offer to pray for them. We don't go into ministry mode when we step off the plane (Elaine in Guatemala, me in India). Rather, our ministry trips are simply an extension of our lives here at home.

Why do I share this? Simply put, to challenge the readers of this Blog to look outside of themselves and into the lives of others. At the Starbucks and across the street, people have needs. And you may be the very encouragement that they need.


mistica said…
I am glad to here this. I see others who have romantic ideas about witnessing and spreading the Word abroad, but have little desire ,if any, to do so within their own community. I am reminded of Acts 1:8. Jesus commands to be witness' first in Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria, then to the uttermost part of the earth. I question the motive of one who will cry in foreign places, and refuse or are ashamed to cry out among those closest to them.
Brad Lewis said…
Wow! great thoughts. I really appreciate what you said about crying in foreign places. You have good insight.
Claude Musy said…
I learned at my school's in-service that if a child feels there is one adult in the school that cares about them, they are more likely to succeed. Talk about near by mission fields...
Brad Lewis said…
Wow, that is HUGE! I'm glad you are a caring person... for the student's sake.

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