Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Created By The Creator

Created works are usually identified as being a work of their creator.
We identify the monster pictured as Frankenstein, but in reality, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who created the monster.

We have heard it said, “That’s a Rembrandt” when referring to one of his paintings. If I told you I owned the original Starry Night you might think I was referring to the Don McLean song recorded in 1971. But if I told you I owned a Van Gogh's Starry Night, you would know exactly what I was referring to.

The same is true about music. We identify songs as "a U2 song" or "a Matt Redmond tune". When F. Murray Abraham, playing Antonio Salieri in the 1984 movie Amadeus hummed the song Eine kleine Nachtmusik, he identified it to his audience by saying, "That is Motzart."

Created works cannot be separated from the one who created them. The creator will always put part of themselves into their work.

Thus, the created work will always point to the creator, showing nuances, hints and signatures that mark it as theirs. The created work cannot free itself from the hand of the creator. It is not an independent entity which has no identity apart from its creator.

In the same way, we as created beings are known by the One who created us. But sometimes the creation is given more consideration than the creator. Romans 1:25 in the bible tells us that …people exchanged the truth for a lie, and served created things rather than the Creator. 

Although the world in which we live gives us an identity apart from our Creator, we can't shake off the fact that everyone's identity is tied to their Creator. They may reject it. They may ignore it. They can't deny it. But it doesn’t change the fact.

Our Creator has signed us with His personal mark of ownership. It is expressed in our own creativity. It flows through our dreams. It is the root of our passion. Every one of us are people who have been created with purpose. That purpose is to point back to the One who created us. Lead Well!

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Unknown said...

Well said.

Brad Lewis said...

Thank you my friend!

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