Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Do You Have An Alibi?

I was having a lively and fun exchange earlier today with the pastor whom I serve alongside of. He is a former prosecuting attorney before he entered full-time ministry.
He jokingly said in our open office for all to hear that I had left a door unlocked. I responded that although accused of the crime, I had a great defense attorney and wasn't worried. He in turn asked if I had an alibi. I told him I didn't need an alibi as long as I had a great attorney. And if I needed to, I could produce 12 witnesses, all of them my grandmother, that would swear that I was with them when the door was allegedly left unlocked.

We laughed, but I began to think about alibis. Usually they are associated with a crime, when a person needs someone to vouch for them. Often they are accurate. Sometimes they are fabricated.

Have you ever needed an alibi? Have you ever fabricated an alibi to assert innocence, even when you were guilty?

Integrity. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles and moral uprightness.

I believe that integrity is the issue here. If we are known for our integrity, we wouldn't need an alibi. The fact that our word can be trusted goes a long way towards proving that what we say is right.

Integrity may not stand up in a court of law, but it surely stands up in the condition of life.

By the way, I was eight miles away visiting someone in a hospital, with three other witnesses (neither of which are my grandmother), during the time that the door was allegedly left unlocked!

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