Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Keep Your Head... Up!

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Keeping our heads up is important! Especially if we want to succeed in life.

Although it is easy to become "buried" in life, if we allow ourselves to get in over our heads, we could drown.

Here are a few reasons to keep our heads up:

  • So we can breathe. Sometimes we become so crowded by the pressures of life (work, home, relationships) that we feel like our sanity is suffocating.
  • So we can be productive. Often when we find ourselves so overwhelmed with all that is going around us that our creativity and decision-making skills are almost nonexistent.
  • So we can see clearly. Being "buried" by life will cause us to lose our vision and big-picture perspective, and we become only concerned with what is right in front of us.
How can we keep our heads up? Here are a few ideas:
  • Choose what we make important. There are enough things in life that dominate our time and energy. Just because our friends are focused on and responding to a "trending topic" doesn't mean in needs to have a spot on our plates. We can control what we focus on.
  • Prioritize what we give our energy to. It is easy to become a slave to the urgent, while neglecting the important. Don't be quick to focus on something simply because it has the loudest "voice". Choose wisely.
  • Focus on others more than ourselves. This may sound contradictory, but many of the pressures we feel in life are there because they are inconveniences and annoyances to us. They invade our space, and we feel they require our attention. By focusing on others rather than ourselves, we lower our stress level while at the same time create opportunities for personal fulfillment instead of selfish gain.
  • Go to God. Seems simple, but in reality we want to fight our battles, carry our crosses, and control our lives. And our desire to "be in charge" makes it difficult to fully trust in and rely on God to work in our lives.
Psalm 3:3 is a great picture of God's help to us: But You, O Lord, are a shield about me, My glory, and the One who lifts my head.

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