Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Do You Dream?

Do you dream? I’m not referring to the nocturnal musings that occupy our mind while we sleep. I am referring to thinking beyond our present to what could be…
A dream of a better future. A dream for our children’s and grandchildren’s success. A dream of seeing God do a miraculous work in our lives.

I believe that it is good to dream, to envision our future. Dreams keep us thinking beyond our present so we don’t become complacent. Dreams give us hope.

But just laying back and dreaming won't get things done for us. We need to leverage our dreams. We need to make our dreams work for us.

Dreaming gives us a vision of the future. As we visualize the future, we begin to see what needs to be accomplished, what needs to be put into place to fulfill our dreams.

Our dreams push us. They give us purpose. They motivate us. Our dreams light a fire within our hearts that cause us to pursue those very dreams.

Our dreams constantly compel us to keep going, to not be satisfied with the present. Dreaming reminds us that we were designed to fulfill a greater purpose than we might perceive our current circumstances dictate. 

I believe that God wants us to dream. I believe that He desires that we envision a life not just in the “sweet by and by”, but what the future could hold for us in the here and now.

And I believe that God wants to energize our dreams with His power and infuse our dreams with His life. But the key to releasing His power and life into our dreams is to make sure we are dreaming His dreams for us, and envisioning His future for us.

How do we do that? Simply ask God to give us His dreams. Ask Him to envision the future that He has for us. And then ask Him to make it so. Dream Well!

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