Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Living The Dream

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Monday evening at dinner, my wife remarked that she woke up several times the night before with vivid dreams, but in the morning couldn't remember any of them.

Earlier in the day a good friend from Maryland left a voicemail on my iPhone indicating that he had a dream three nights ago that both he and I were in, and he wants to share it with me (I will call him soon...).

I have a friend whom when I ask how he is doing, always responds: Living the dream baby, living dream!

Dreaming. Some do it while they sleep, others dream while awake. Some remember their dreams clearly, while others desperately try to grasp the dream's memory as it dissipates like mist.

Dreams have an almost other-worldly ambiance about them that make them both mysterious and compelling.

Do you dream? Do you remember your dreams? Do you dream while awake, or only while sleeping?

Do you dream, and then pursue them? Do you live your dream?

I hope your dreams are more than fantasies to escape into. I hope your dreams awake you, energize you, and capture your heart.

Question: What place do dreams hold in your life? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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