Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Gimmie Christmas

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I remember one Christmas when I was just a young boy just after my father had died. My Uncle Al and Aunt Becky came to our house to spend Christmas with us. (Relevant fact for this story: I had not yet learned to read cursive writing.)

With wide-eyed anticipation I followed my Uncle to his car to help him bring in the Christmas gifts they had brought. He allowed me to make several trips with him, carrying as much as my small hands could hold.

With each armful, I spotted tags that I assumed said Bradley but in actuality said Becky. "My Uncle brought me a bunch of presents", my simple mind concluded.

On Christmas morning we gathered around the tree to open presents. Imagine my disappointment when so many of the gifts that I had assumed were for me were handed to my Aunt. As a six-year-old boy I was experiencing a Gimmie Christmas.

Imagine for a minute a Christmas without gifts...

How disappointed would you be? How disappointed would your family be? Your children?

We hear these words all the time in the weeks leading up to Christmas: What do you want Santa to bring you? What would you like for Christmas? Put together a Christmas wish-list... The Gimmie Christmas tradition continues.

Here's a thought: Instead of giving gifts to people, invest in them. Consider...
  • Instead of another piece of jewelry, a promise for a "back-rub a week for a year" for your wife.
  • Instead of socks or a tie for your brother-in-law, a copy of a book that has impacted your life.
  • Instead of a new game console for the family, take them on a short historical-based getaway.
  • Instead of the latest Toys-R-Us "hot toy",  teach your child to bake cookies (and give away the cookies to neighbors).
  • Instead of clothes, send your teenager on a short-term missions trip in the summer.
Maybe Gimmie Christmas can become simply Christmas again.

Question: What are some of your ideas to invest in others this Christmas? Share your thoughts below in 'comments'.

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