Tuesday, August 07, 2012


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Within a few minutes yesterday I read comments from two different, unrelated  people who essentially said the same thing: I'm a hoarder. One spoke of collecting more stuff, the other one spoke of the difficulty of cleaning out their garage and getting rid of their stuff.

Hoarding. It's defined as a disorder. It's a common occurrence. It's spring cleaning and a garage sale. It's a couple of TV shows. It's about accumulating stuff.

But this Blog post is not about accumulating stuff. It's about the hoarding thoughts and words, of keeping to ourselves that which will benefit others.

I am not referring to sharing our opinions (there is no hoarding of that in our social-media-rich culture - see more thoughts on that here). But rather the hoarding of thoughts and words that produce a positive affect in the lives of others.

If we're honest, we are guilty of hoarding:
  • Compliments - Often we are quick to criticize, but slow to compliment. Be liberal with your praise. Don't wait for something big before you offer congratulations. Recognize the little things done well and people will begin to do the big things well. Hoarding compliments restrains others.
  • Encouragements - Different from compliments, encourage toward the future: what can be done rather than what has been done. Believe with others in their dreams. Speak positively about their goals. Say you can, instead of you can't. Hoarding encouragements hinders others.
  • Ideas - Sometimes we are afraid that if we share our ideas, others will take them and make them their own... and benefit from them. What greater complement can there be to us if someone else succeeds with our idea. Hoarding ideas excludes others.
So go ahead and get rid of some of your complements. Carry out a stack of encouragements and give them away. Have an idea garage sale, but don't charge anything. No more hoarding!

Question: What are some thoughts you have for giving away compliments, encouragements, and ideas? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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Maxximum_Life said...

In the spirit and heart of the message: thanks for sharing this truth. There is something about "unhoarding" in the areas mentioned that has a dual benefit of amplifying "the greatness factor" in the lives of others and our lives as well. Perhaps President Truman summed it up best (paraphrase): it's amazing what can be accomplished when we divest ourselves of the limitation(s) of who gets the credit.

Brad Lewis said...

Well said my Friend! Thank YOU for not hoarding those thoughts!

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