Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Uses For Old Ideas: Going Green

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I have a mentor/friend, L.C. Campbell, who says, "Don't reinvent the wheel." In other words, it's OK to take a used idea (even if it is someone else's) and re-shape it to fit your need or situation.

You may call it reycling ideas. I'll call them Green Ideas. Here are some ways to find and use Green Ideas:
  • Use Green Ideas as a catalyst for brainstorming with your team, even if they laugh. (No need to claim ownership if the old idea is really lame.)
  • Use Green Ideas from another industry. Ask, "How could that idea work for me?"
  • Watch Youtube movie trailers from the 1950s. A great place to find 'Old School' Green Ideas.
  • Combine some of the best elements of two or more Green Ideas to create a new idea.
  • Ask someone a generation older than you what they did in a similar situation. (Respect your elders! If their Green Idea just won't do it for you, kindly thank them and smile. Laugh later in your car.)
A Green Idea may be just what you need to solve your problem, motivate your team, or take you to the next level in what you do.

Question: What are some ways you can use Green Ideas? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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