Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Seeing Through The Ice

This morning we awoke to a beautiful (?) layer of ice on everything from a Maryland snow-turned-ice-storm overnight. It wasn't bad. My Mini Cooper was encrusted in only 1/2 inch of ice that required a few patient minutes with my door handle as I attempted to open the door.

As I carefully walked down the steps of my good friend's house where I am staying this week (see previous Blog post) I noticed something on the edge of the street. Under the layer of ice that covered the road at the curb, water was flowing. The top of the ice was solid, but the bottom was liquid.

I thought that is very similar to our creativity and ideas: on the surface, there may not be much to offer, but underneath, there is a wealth of flowing water, ideas and creative thoughts if you will.

The key for us is to break through the hard shell that is sometimes dangerous, sometimes rigid, and sometimes transparent, and to pull out what's underneath.

And when we do...well the possibilities are endless.

Question: How do you break through your ice to get to the creativity that flows inside of you? Share your thoughts below in responses.

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Marshall Lynch said...

oh your car look so cold.
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Unknown said...

Really good post Brad. I love the comparison of the water flow under the frozen ice to our creativity. Awesome.


Brad Lewis said...

I have learned to be a bit more observant of what's happening around me. There are a lot of lessons in life. Thanks! ...and yes, my Cooper is cold!

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