Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Goose-Eye View

I run several miles most mornings, and on my usual route the road I traverse splits between some woods and a small lake. At a little after 6:00 am, a family of Canadian geese are usually in my path, moving between the woods and the lake.

I have no desire to disrupt their family outing, so I swing out in front of them, giving a wide berth. They appear unfazed by the presence of a human. I appear to be unfazed by the presence of geese (except I have to be careful where I step).

I wonder what the geese see as I ramble by. A tall animal? Knees and shoes? My guess is they see what is in front of them, and not much more. Their goal is to move from the woods to the lake. They are focused on the task at hand, and on not much else.

Now when we usually think of geese, we think of a tight formation of flying honkers several hundred feet in the air. We see the familiar "V", and draw all kinds of analogies for life. Geese teach us when they are flying, not when they are taking early morning strolls.

But allow me to try a bit of creativity...

Sometimes we are like the geese I encounter each morning. We are busy "walking" from one thing to the next, event to event, experience to experience. Our perspective is limited by what we see in front of us, by our next destination.

Maybe we need to get a different perspective and rise above the ground-level path. Maybe we weren't meant to walk on the ground, but we were meant to fly.

Question: What do you do to alter your perspective? Please respond below...

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Tracy said...

Good question. There are times that I will discuss my perspective with my husband or a friend, this allows me to see another view. There are other times when I simply try to look at the bigger picture.


Brad Lewis said...

Yes, "bouncing" ideas off others is always a great way to get new perspective. Thanks for adding that piece.


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