Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Self-Evaluation: 3 Requirements

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Every Wednesday at our weekly staff meeting, I end with a Leadership Minute. Here I offer a quick leadership principle or thought that will hopefully help all of us attending to become better leaders.

Today I shared the importance of self-evaluation. Although this is a great exercise for leaders, it is also great exercise for creatives. Many times we creatives are either afraid of self-evaluation, or we are much too hard on ourselves when we do hold up the mirror, because we are not looking at ourselves, but rather at our work - our creations.

Here is what self-evaluation requires:
  • Honesty - about your weaknesses and your strengths: it's easy to identify weaknesses; it's OK to also be honest about your strengths
  • Clarity - about your vision and purpose: evaluate yourself in light of your passion and calling
  • Discipline - you must do it: make self-evaluation a regular part of your life
Reading an article you've written, listening to a song you've recorded, or looking at a picture you've painted is sometimes hard to do. Most creatives are never satisfied, but that's what drives them. 

Regular self-evaluation is healthy, and doing so can make us not only better leaders, but more creative creatives.

Question: What is one strength that you posses in your creativity? Share your thoughts below in comments.

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Sue M. said...

That's a hard one, Brad. I have many aspects to my creativity... music, visual arts, written expression. I guess some strengths would be flexibility and skill in expressing my creativity. What about you?

Brad Lewis said...

My point exactly Sue. Creatives have a difficult time self-evaluating for many reasons...many times because most creatives are multi-medium artists.

As for me, I think my tenacity helps my creativity because I force myself to follow-through on projects and expressions - to finish the work. Some would call that OCD. Again, my point exactly!

Thanks Sue!

Anonymous said...

This is great. although i find it hard to get inspired sometimes.

follow my blog please, i have few followers and it sucks.

thank you!

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks for your comment. I understand lack of inspiration. Sometimes I just sit down at my keyboard (piano, or computer) and simply just start...

I joined your Blog as a follower. I couldn't find a place to comment on your post about the wall. I would like to say that college isn't always the way to go for everyone. Perhaps you could consider "interning" or "apprenticing" in the area of art you want to pursue.

Just a thought...

-Brad Lewis

Katrina said...

Listening to music gets my creativity flowing, wearing headphones muffles out all the around the house noises so I can go to my create side. Thinking pain on life experiences, which many were very hurtful and also great - it takes me to a place where I can write. I have wrote a young-adult book and two book of poems. It has become a part of my life - writing.

Brad Lewis said...

Thanks for your comment. It sounds like your music has become a catalyst for your creativity.

Interesting what you said about pain in life experiences. That's a great well to draw from...But allow me to encourage you to be redemptive. Yes, life is full of pain, but there is light for us all.

Thanks for following my Blog. Keep creating!


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